Backup copies of all your pictures


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Shoebox is an application to back up all your pictures, saving the most important ones to the cloud so you don't lose them should you need, for instance, to format your hard drive.

The first thing to do when you start using the application is choose the folders to be backed up. That done, all your pictures will be uploaded to the program's servers to protect them and keep them tidily stored.

From Shoebox's interface, you can access all your material, which will be organized in two different ways: you can see your pictures by date they were created or taken, or sort them by the type of camera they were taken with. Of course, when you have lots of pictures you can also use the search tool to save time.

Shoebox is an easy, useful tool that will save you worrying about losing your pictures. They'll be always secure on the Shoebox servers, which you'll be able to access using the Android and iOS versions of the application.
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